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2020 Fee Information

Credit/Debit Payment Options

All Teams: Deposit of $500 due upon team acceptance

17's   Second Payment Due November 4th - $650
          Final Payment Due January 15th - $650
16's   Second Payment Due November 4th - $650
          Final Payment Due January 15th - $650
15's   S
econd Payment Due November 4th - $650
          Final Payment Due January 15th - $650
14's    Final Payment Due January 15th - $400           
13's    Final Payment Due January 15th - $250    

UNITED Volleyball Inc. Fee Information

Club Fees for 2020 will be paid as follows:

  • We are asking for all club fees to be paid in three installments: $500 deposit upon acceptance into our program, followed by a payment due Nov 4th and Jan 15th
  • Please make any check to the club payable to: "United Volleyball, inc."
  • Please only give checks to your Coach or the Club Director

Anyone needing special financial arrangements PLEASE contact Haley and Brian ASAP at  We are willing to work with you to the best of our ability, but we need to hear from you right away. 

UNITED Volleyball inc. is a 503 (c) Not-for-Profit Charitable Corporation licensed and registered with New York State and the IRS. As a Not-for-Profit, we structure our membership fees to match our budgeted expenses for the season. The following represents the estimated club wide allocation of funds for the 2016 season:


  • Team GEVA/USAV Registrations
  • Uniforms (Jersey and Spandex)
  • Equipment
  • Tournament Fees
  • Coaches Lodging/Stipend
  • Insurance
  • Website
  • Facility Rental
  • Administrative